Commercial Moving: Equipment

Nationwide Moving expert team of movers and packers use state of the art equipment for all commercial moves. Our sophisticated moving crates and carts are ideal for any office relocation:

Crates: Our stackable crate system is the perfect alternative to boxes. Made of high-density polypropylene, these stackable crates are easily combined with a dolly to facilitate a smooth and fast moving experience.

Library Cart: Nationwide Moving double sided library cart features 8 x 36" shelves, 11" deep, 4" rubber casters, 24 linear feet of shelving.

Computer Cart: Our computer cart is perfect for all computer types, 3 x 42" shelves, 23" deep, adjustable middle shelf, 4" rubber casters.

Why use Nationwide Moving Plastic Moving Crates?

  • Nationwide Moving Crates increase truckload capacity by 40% - 50%.
  • Every truckload eliminated saves up to $1,000. These savings add up.
  • Nationwide Moving Crates are 100% reusable and therefore friendly to the environment.
  • Reduce labor costs with increased dolly load capacity (4-6 crates per dolly vs. 3 boxes per dolly)
  • Crates are crushproof which means no daMiamige to packed contents.
  • No cardboard box disposal costs/post-move clean up.
  • Reduce worker's compensation issues by eliminating heavy lifting.
  • Nationwide Moving Crates are delivered before your move and picked up after the move adding convenience.
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